Good day! I've compiled a comprehensive list of challenging words and idioms used in the X-Files along with their definitions for non-native speakers of EnglishIt took me about three months to finish the list. It's 44 pages long!

I've also prepared similar lists for The Lone Gunmen and Millennium.

In the documents, all words and phrases are listed in chronological order. Words or phrases used multiple times are listed only once. For example, the idiom "get out of someone's hair" is used twice, in "Sunshine Days" (S09E18) and in the 2008 feature film. That's why I listed it under "Sunshine Days" only. All three documents have live tables of contents.

I'd like to share the lists with anyone interested. Any ideas on how to do it? Maybe we could leave links to the documents somewhere on this webpage. Or should I create new pages here? Thanks!