January 5
TXF: "War of the Coprophages"
January 26
TXF: "Syzygy"
February 2
TXF: "Grotesque"
February 9
TXF: "Piper Maru"
February 16
TXF: "Apocrypha"
February 23
TXF: "Pusher"
February 26
First draft of script for TXF: "José Chung's From Outer Space". Subsequent revisions would be completed on February 26, 29, March 4, 5 and 7
March 8
TXF: "Teso Dos Bichos"
March 29
TXF: "Hell Money"
April 12
TXF: "José Chung's From Outer Space"
April 26
TXF: "Avatar"
May 3
TXF: "Quagmire"
May 10
TXF: "Wetwired"
May 17
TXF: "Talitha Cumi" (last episode of the third season)
July 17
First draft of script for MM: "Gehenna". Subsequent revisions would be completed on July 24 and 25
July 25
First draft of script for MM: "Dead Letters". A subsequent revision would be completed on August 1
October 4
TXF: "Herrenvolk" (first episode of the fourth season)
October 11
TXF: "Home"
October 18
TXF: "Teliko"
October 25
MM: "Pilot" (first episode of Millennium and the first season)
October 27
TXF: "Unruhe"
November 1
MM: "Gehenna"
November 3
TXF: "The Field Where I Died"
November 8
MM: "Dead Letters"
November 10
TXF: "Sanguinarium"
November 15
MM: "The Judge"
November 17
TXF: "Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man"
November 22
MM: "522666"
November 24
TXF: "Tunguska"
November 29
MM: "Kingdom Come"
December 1
TXF: "Terma"
December 6
MM: "Blood Relatives"
December 15
TXF: "Paper Hearts"
December 20
MM: "The Well-Worn Lock"

Other EventsEdit

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