January 3
MM: "Wide Open"
January 10
MM: "The Wild and the Innocent"
January 12
TXF: "El Mundo Gira"
January 24
MM: "Weeds"
January 26
TXF: "Leonard Betts"
January 31
MM: "Loin Like a Hunting Flame"
February 2
TXF: "Never Again"
February 7
MM: "Force Majeure"
February 9
TXF: "Memento Mori"
February 14
MM: "The Thin White Line"
February 16
TXF: "Kaddish"
February 21
MM: "Sacrament"
February 23
TXF: "Unrequited"
March 16
TXF: "Tempus Fugit"
March 21
MM: "Covenant"
March 23
TXF: "Max"
March 28
MM: "Walkabout"
April 13
TXF: "Synchrony"
April 18
MM: "Lamentation"
April 20
TXF: "Small Potatoes"
April 25
MM: "Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions"
April 27
TXF: "Zero Sum"
May 2
MM: "Broken World"
May 4
TXF: "Elegy"
May 9
MM: "Marantha"
May 11
TXF: "Demons"
May 16
MM: "Paper Dove" (last episode of the first season)
May 18
TXF: "Gethsemane" (last episode of the fourth season)
September 19
MM: "The Beginning & the End" (first episode of the second season)
September 26
MM: "Beware of the Dog"
October 3
MM: "Sense and Antisense"
October 17
MM: "Monster"
October 24
MM: "A Single Blade of Grass"
October 31
MM: "The Curse of Frank Black"
November 2
TXF: "Redux" (first episode of the fifth season)
November 7
MM: "19:19"
November 9
TXF: "Redux II"
November 14
MM: "The Hand of Saint Sebastian"
November 16
TXF: "Unusual Suspects"
November 21
MM: "Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense"
November 23
TXF: "Detour"
November 30
TXF: "The Post-Modern Prometheus"
December 7
TXF: "Christmas Carol"
December 14
TXF: "Emily"
December 19
MM: "Midnight of the Century"

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