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January 4
TXF: "Kitsunegari"
January 9
MM: "Goodbye, Charlie"
January 11
TXF: "Schizogeny"
January 29
MM: "Luminary"
February 6
MM: "The Mikado"
February 8
TXF: "Chinga"
February 15
TXF: "Kill Switch"
February 22
TXF: "Bad Blood"
February 27
MM: "The Pest House"
March 1
TXF: "Patient X"
March 6
MM: "Owls"
March 8
TXF: "The Red and the Black"
March 13
MM: "Roosters"
March 20
MM: "Siren"
March 29
TXF: "Travelers"
April 3
MM: "In Arcadia Ego"
April 17
MM: "Anamnesis"
April 19
TXF: "Mind's Eye"
April 24
MM: "A Room With No View"
April 26
TXF: "All Souls"
May 1
MM: "Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me"
May 3
TXF: "The Pine Bluff Variant"
May 8
MM: "The Fourth Horseman"
May 10
TXF: "Folie a Deux"
May 15
MM: "The Time is Now" (last episode of the second season)
May 17
TXF: "The End" (last episode of the fifth season)
June 19
The X-Files Movie is released in theaters.
October 2
MM: "The Innocents" (first episode of the third season)
October 9
MM: "Exegesis"
October 16
October 23
MM: "Closure"
October 30
MM: "...Thirteen Years Later"
November 6
MM: "Skull and Bones"
November 8
TXF: "The Beginning" (first episode of the sixth season)
November 13
MM: "Through a Glass Darkly"
November 15
TXF: "Drive"
November 22
TXF: "Triangle"
November 29
TXF: "Dreamland"
December 6
TXF: "Dreamland II"
December 11
MM: "Human Essence"
December 13
TXF: "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas"
December 18
MM: "Omerta"

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