January 3
TXF: "Terms of Endearment"
January 10
TXF: "The Rain King"
January 15
MM: "Borrowed Time"
January 17
TXF: "S.R. 819"
January 22
MM: "Collateral Damage"
January 24
TXF: "Tithonus"
February 5
MM: "The Sound of Snow"
February 7
TXF: "Two Fathers"
February 12
MM: "Antipas"
February 14
TXF: "One Son"
February 19
MM: "Matryoshka"
February 21
TXF: "Agua Mala"
February 28
TXF: "Monday"
March 7
TXF: "Arcadia"
March 19
MM: "Forcing the End"
March 28
TXF: "Alpha"
April 9
MM: "Saturn Dreaming of Mercury"
April 11
TXF: "Trevor"
April 16
MM: "Darwin's Eye"
April 18
TXF: "Milagro"
April 23
MM: "Bardo Thodol"
April 25
TXF: "The Unnatural"
April 30
MM: "Seven and One"
May 2
TXF: "Three of a Kind"
May 7
MM: "Nostalgia"
May 9
TXF: "Field Trip"
May 14
MM: "Via Dolorosa"
May 16
TXF: "Biogenesis" (last episode of the sixth season)
May 21
MM: "Goodbye to All That" (last episode of Millennium and the third season)
November 7
TXF: "The Sixth Extinction" (first episode of the seventh season)
November 14
TXF: "The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati"
November 21
TXF: "Hungry"
November 28
TXF: "Millennium"
December 5
TXF: "Rush"
December 12
TXF: "The Goldberg Variation"

Other EventsEdit

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