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January 7
TXF: "Surekill"
January 14
TXF: "Salvage"
January 21
TXF: "Badlaa"
February 4
TXF: "The Gift"
February 11
TXF: "Medusa"
February 18
TXF: "Per Manum"
February 25
TXF: "This is Not Happening"
March 4
TLG: "Pilot" (first episode of The Lone Gunmen and their first season)
March 11
TLG: "Bond, Jimmy Bond"
March 16
TLG: "Eine Kleine Frohike"
March 18
TLG: "Like Water for Octane"
March 23
TLG: "Three Men and a Smoking Diaper"
March 30
TLG: "Madam, I'm Adam"
April 1
TXF: "DeadAlive"
April 6
TLG: "Planet of the Frohikes"
April 8
TXF: "Three Words"
April 13
TLG: "Maximum Byers"
April 15
TXF: "Empedocles"
April 20
TLG: "Diagnosis: Jimmy"
April 22
TXF: "Vienen"
April 27
TLG: "Tango de los Pistoleros"
May 4
TLG: "The Lying Game"
May 6
TXF: "Alone"
May 11
TLG: "All About Yves" (last produced episode of The Lone Gunmen and their first season)
May 13
TXF: "Essence"
May 20
TXF: "Existence" (last episode of the eighth season)
June 1
TLG: "The Cap'n Toby Show" (last aired episode of The Lone Gunmen and their first season)
November 11
TXF: "Nothing Important Happened Today" (first episode of the ninth season)
November 18
TXF: "Nothing Important Happened Today II"
December 2
TXF: "Daemonicus"
December 9
TXF: "4-D"
December 16
TXF: "Lord of the Flies"

Other EventsEdit

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