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Xc-03 the-return cover
Writer: Stefan Petucha
Artist: Charles Adlard
Publisher: Topps Comics
Series: Topps TXF #3
Published: March 1995


A rouge FBI agent plays upon Mulder's emotions by offering to reunite him with his long lost sister in exchange for access codes to the Pentagon's computers.

Background InformationEdit

  • The cover of this issue refers to the story as "The Return", even though it is otherwise known as "A Little Dream of Me".
  • This story reconciles the differences in Mulder's recollections of his sister's abduction, as seen in "Conduit" and "Little Green Men".
  • This story references Not to be Opened Until X-Mas when Dunne tries to persuade Mulder to do as he says, claiming that he can give Mulder the Fatima prophecy in return.

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