An Abortion Clinic is a medical facilty at which human fetuses are terminated prior to birth. The practice of abortion is tightly controlled and regulated, it is a source of much social and religious controversy also.

Many people believe that a fetus of any age or size is a living entity in its own right and that abortion is murder. Other people, believe that until a certain point a fetus is merely a ball of cells with the potential to develop into a distinct being. They advocate that until that point, abortion is not ethically wrong.

Views on abortion vary considerably across the planet. In some countries/states it is illegal whilst in others it is not only legal but considered a basic human right.

The Gregors were strategically placed in these abortion clinics to conduct hybridization experiments. They use fetal tissue to combine human DNA with alien DNA. (TXF: "End Game")

Abortion Clinics Edit

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Five members of the Gregor Series worked at abortion clinics.