Albert Hosteen

Albert Hosteen.

Albert Hosteen was a Navajo code breaker whom FBI Special Agent Dana Scully sought out to help translate some encrypted files in a digital disc obtained by Scully's FBI partner, Fox Mulder. Hosteen led Mulder to a buried boxcar full of corpses of human/alien hybrids. Additionally, Hosteen saved Mulder's life, after he nearly died in the boxcar following an attack by the Men in Black. Soon after, Hosteen traveled to Washington, D.C., where he prayed over Melissa Scully in a hospital.

Years later, Hosteen was once again called to translate something; this time, it was alien writing from an artifact found on the Ivory Coast.

Hosteen was later taken to a New Mexico hospital, due to an unexplained illness, with his doctors fearing the worst. He spent two weeks in a coma, during which his spirit appeared to Scully several times in her apartment, imploring her to find and save her missing partner, before Syndicate scientists could remove and study an immunity Mulder had to an alien virus inside him, using it in their plans for surviving Colonization. Hosteen subtlely guided her to Mulder's location, encouraging a more spiritual route; Hosteen, together with Scully, prayed for Mulder. That night, Hosteen died. The representation of his spirit had vanished by the next morning.

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