Alien Glass Examination Table Duane

Duane Barry being examined by grey aliens.

An Alien Glass Examination table is a movable glass table used by aliens to place abductees on top for multiple purposes such as: studying the human body, dissection, and torture.


It was shown in the abduction memories of Duane Barry as he remembered aliens all around the table. 

Alien exam table with Harold Lamb

Harold Lamb on alien examination table from Chrissy Giorgio's implanted memories.

Though it was also shown in the memories of Chrissy Giorgio as she saw Harold Lamb on an exam table.  However, it seems as if their memories may have been implanted by the government. 


It is a transparent table with lighting elements.  The lighting implies the table has electronics within it, possibly medical scanning devices for use with their test subjects.  It is unclear what it is made of, it could be some sort of glass or plastic or an unknown material that the aliens could make. 


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