Mulder in the ship

The Alien torture apparatus is a device used by aliens to torture abductees within their UFOs.  The people subjected to this device become super soldiers over time suggesting the severe pain it inflicts upon human subjects may merely be aliens choosing not to use anesthetic.


Fox Mulder was strapped to this device in his abduction by alien bounty hunters. It was a metallic chair like apparatus
Alien Torture Device Mulder Full Body

Fox Mulder in the torture chair.

equipped with an autopsy blade on the side. When Theresa Hoese was abducted and then returned around the same time as Fox Mulder, Agents Dana Scully and
Alien Torture Device Saw

Torture apparatus and its saw. Cuts open the chest cavity and scoops out tissue.

John Doggett went to investigate.  Hoese's doctor described the harm done to her by the alien torture apparatus:  Tissue damage in a linear pattern inside her cheeks.  Damage to her soft palate.  Chest cut into and organ tissue scooped out of her. 

Hoese was healed from the brink of death later and did not transform into a super soldier like Billy Miles, another abductee subjected to this device. 

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