Amanda Nelligan (played by Christine Cavanaugh) was a woman who was impregnated by Eddie Van Blundht and whose daughter was born with a tail. Nelligan told Mulder and Scully that she believed the father to be Luke Skywalker. When asked by Scully whether she had seen his lightsaber, Nelligan said "Luke" had forgotten it. While speaking with Van Blundht, who had taken on Mulder's appearance, Nelligan described Van Blundht as a loser she had dated in high school. However, they saw the film Star Wars every weekend, a shared love of theirs. Nelligan had seen Star Wars 368 times and expected to pass 400 by Memorial Day. Despite her sudden status as a single mother, Nelligan remained optimistic and pleasant during the bizarre investigation.

Appearances Edit

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