A ghostly vision of Amber Lynn LaPierre.

Amber Lynn LaPierre was the daughter of Bud and Billie LaPierre. In 2000, a vision of her as a corpse appeared to her father. Shortly after, it was discovered she had disappeared without a trace. FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully led a subsequent investigation into the incident as Mulder saw parallels with the disappearance of his sister, Samantha. After speaking with Kathy Lee Tencate, Mulder came to believe that LaPierre had been transported to safety by supernatural forces before she could be abducted by Ed Truelove, who had many hours of video footage of her and other children at Santa's North Pole Village. This theory gained credence when Billie LaPierre reported a ghostly sighting of her daughter, one night. (TXF: "Sein Und Zeit")

Despite the FBI discovering the graves of numerous other children at Santa's North Pole Village, LaPierre was not among the dead. Mulder's theory was further corroborated by psychic Harold Piller. Although LaPierre's body was never recovered, Mulder believed she had been brought to a "better place," along with his sister. ("Closure")

Amber Lynn LaPierre was played by Megan Corletto.

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