Andy Taylor

Andy Taylor.

Andy Taylor was a sheriff in Home, Pennsylvania. He assisted FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully with the investigation of the murder of an infant by the Peacock family, a crime specifically committed by a group of three brothers in that family.


The Home Murders InvestigationEdit

Andy Taylor Talks with Mulder and Scully

Andy Taylor aiding Mulder and Scully with the case involving the Peacock family murders.

During the investigation of a murdered infant, Sheriff Taylor met Mulder and Scully. He told them his feelings about Home being an old-fashioned town away from the modern world, a safe town where no-one locked their doors.

Taylor lead Mulder and Scully to the Home Sheriff's Department and gave them the dead infant, which the personnel assigned there kept in a refrigerator since they didn't have a laboratory in Home. Afterwards, he returned home to his wife, Barbara. Taylor wanted to have a peaceful night after an exhausting day's work. However, he was woken by the song "Wonderful, Wonderful" being loudly played from the Peacock family car. Once realizing the Peacock brothers were trespassing on the Taylor residence, Andy Taylor told his wife to hide while he went downstairs to retrieve his firearm.


Andy Taylor Dead

Andy Taylor's body after being beaten to death by the Peacock family.

Because the Peacock brothers entered the house before Sheriff Taylor was able to reach his weapon box, Taylor returned to the bedroom, with a baseball bat to defend himself. He hit one of the brothers but the other two entered the room and started to beat Taylor with their weapons. Outnumbered, Taylor was beaten to death by the Peacock children as Barbara watched from under the bed, until they discovered her and killed her too, in a similar fashion. (TXF: "Home")

Background Check Edit

Sheriff Andy Taylor was played by Tucker Smallwood.

This character shares his rank and name with the main character from the American sitcom The Andy Griffith Show. When Mulder is introduced to Andy Taylor in "Home", Mulder asks, "For real?" implying a reference to the other character. This occurs right after Scully compares Home to Mayberry, where – in The Andy Griffith ShowSheriff Andy Taylor lives and works.

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