Anthony (Tony) Reed (played by Rodney Scott) was a somewhat friend of Max Harden and Chastity Raines whom they were going to introduce to a mysterious cave that offered temporary superhuman speed. Reed became the subject of investigation after Harden murdered Ronald Foster such that Reed was the obvious suspect. Reed worsened his situation by refusing to offer any insight to Mulder and Scully.

Reed and Chasity Raines decided to put an end to Harden's murderous spree after he killed Mr. Babbitt and nearly killed his own father, Sheriff Harden. Reed experienced the speed-inducing effects of the cave after following Raines there. After the effect wore off, the two of them went to the cave, hoping to beat Harden there. However, he showed up and threw Reed across the cave, preparing to kill him. To Harden's surprise, though, Raines shot him and herself. Reed was the only survivor of the incident. (TXF: "Rush")

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