An autopsy report is a form of paperwork concerning an autopsy. (TXF: "Pilot", et al.) It may occasionally also be referred to as a "homicide file". (TXF: "Born Again")


In March 1992, FBI Special Agent Dana Scully noted to her newly assigned partner, Special Agent Fox Mulder, that, even though autopsy reports of the first three victims from the Class of '89 showed no unidentified marks or tissue samples - unlike the latest victim from that class, Karen Swenson - the previous three reports had been signed by a different Medical Examiner than the latest victim. Scully implied that she assumed her conclusion had been an aforementioned finding that Mulder had discovered but that FBI agents who had investigated the case before him had not and Mulder complimented her on her conclusions. (TXF: "Pilot")

In 1993, after Mulder handed Scully a file about the mythological Jersey Devil and started to explain the origins of that legend, she asked if the file included the autopsy report of a "beast man" who had been shot to death in 1947. Mulder told Scully that the autopsy report was not in the file, explaining that the original report had disappeared from Patterson Police Department's files, a few years after the incident. (TXF: "The Jersey Devil")

Later in 1993, while the agents were visiting Medical Examiner Ellen Bledsoe in connection with the death of Howard Graves, Scully asked if she and Mulder could see the autopsy report so Bledsoe tossed it across her desk at Scully. This report included the facts that Graves' cause of death had been arterial hemorrhage, that Lauren Kyte had been the individual who had made positive identification of the body and that the victim's tissues and organs had been donated. Scully also noted an absence of blood work from the report since, as Ellen Bledsoe explained to Scully, those who worked at the National Bureau of Medical Examiners, where the agents were visiting Bledsoe in her office, only did blood work if they suspected homicide. (TXF: "Shadows")

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