B.J. Morrow (played by Deborah Strang) was a detective in Aubrey, Missouri. She was unaware that she was the granddaughter of serial killer Harry Cokely and one of his victims, Linda Thibedeaux. In 1995, a series of murders began to occur that were nearly identical to those committed by Cokely. Morrow was also seemingly able to conjure evidence of Cokely's crimes, fifty years after the fact. FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully were brought in to investigate the discovery of an FBI agent's body which had remained lost since Cokely had killed the agent, decades earlier. After interviewing Cokely and realizing he was too decrepit to possibly have committed the murders, Mulder began to suspect that the killer was exhibiting genetic memories of Cokely. The agents then spoke to Linda Thibedeaux and learned of both Morrow's heritage as well as her identity as the killer. Morrow was eventually taken into custody and committed to a psychiatric hospital.

Morrow was pregnant with an illegitimate child, the father being Lt. Brian Tillman. (TXF: "Aubrey")