Barbara Taylor

Barbara Taylor.

Barbara Taylor was the wife of Sheriff Andy Taylor in Home, Pennsylvania.

Barbara Taylor Under Bed

Barbara hides under the bed, only to hear the sound of her husband being beaten to death.

Home Barbara Taylor Dead

Barbara's corpse, the day after her death.

At their home in the town of Home, Barbara comforted her husband, who had returned after a day's work, and took him to bed without locking the door, as Home was a friendly neighborhood and mostly every citizen from the population knew one another. When the Peacock brothers broke into the house, however, Barbara hid under the bed, while her husband grabbed a baseball bat to defend himself. Barbara watched and listened from beneath the bed as her husband fought against the Peacock brothers but soon was beaten to death by the three of them. As her husband's blood flowed toward Barbara, she saw the Peacock brothers lift the bed. She was then killed by them in the same way as her husband. (TXF: "Home")

Barbara Taylor was played by Judith Maxie.

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