Barney the cop

Barney with his sidearm aimed at Banton.

Barney was a police officer with the Richmond, Virginia police department. He and another officer were assigned by Kelly Ryan to patrol the train station where FBI agents Mulder and Scully assumed that the apparent killer of Patrick Newirth was choosing victims. Spying a suspicious-looking individual leaving the station, Barney followed him in his patrol car and stopped him.

The man, scientist Dr. Chester Banton, refused to submit to questioning, and tried to flee, only to find his escape cut off by a second officer driving up. The two policemen reassured Banton they meant him no harm and merely wished to question him, however he insisted they leave him alone because he was dangerous and he didn't want to hurt them. Taking this as an admission of his guilt in the disappearances of Newirth and the other missing people, the officers stepped towards him.

Backing away from the second officer, Banton unwittingly backed up so that his shadow crossed Barney's feet. To the horror of the other officer, Barney was erased from existence by the dark matter contained in Dr. Banton's shadow. After the other officer met the same fate as Barney in an ill-advised attempt to arrest Banton, the emotionally distraught scientist fled the scene, leaving two scorch marks as the only evidence either policeman had existed.

Background InformationEdit

  • Barney is listed as "Officer #1" in the credits, although his name is shouted by his fellow officer in response to his demise.


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