Bart Liquori

Bart Liquori.

Bart Liquori, a.k.a "Zero" was a friend of Darren Peter Oswald who worked at a video game arcade.

Friend of OswaldEdit

Bart Liquori with Darren

Zero with Darren Peter Oswald.

After Darren Peter Oswald discovered he had powers, Bart Liquori remained his friend, even though he objected to Oswald using his powers. Bart never told anyone of these mysterious abilities, nor did Oswald.

Involvement with Dana Scully and Fox MulderEdit

D.P.O. Scully, Mulder, and Zero

Zero leading FBI Agents Mulder and Scully to a video game machine Darren Peter Oswald often plays.

When confronted by FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully at the local arcade, Bart Liquori told them about having seen Jack Hammond and showed them a video game machine Hammond played on. Bart didn't mean to lead the agents to Darren Peter Oswald, but evidence taken from the video game did exactly that.

D.P.O. Zero' Death

Bart killed in front of his video game arcade.

One night, Bart was working late at the arcade when the lights suddenly went out. When the weather started to change, he understood it was Oswald's doing. While trying to make his escape, Bart attempted to convince Oswald he wasn't responsible for telling the cops about him. Bart was then killed by a bolt of lightning, as Oswald looked on from the roof of the arcade.

Bart Liquori Dead

Scully finds Bart's burnt and dead body.

Bart's body was later moved to a hospital, where it was found by Mulder and Scully. (TXF: "D.P.O.")

Bart Liquori was played by Jack Black.