Dr. Belluci looking for his Lydocaine.

Dr. Belluci was a male anesthesiologist who murdered people during surgery. He worked at St. Jude's Hospital in Bellingham, Washington.


Attempting to avoid being identified as the killer he truly was, Belluci framed Dr. Richard Millikan for the murders, killed him – poisoning Millikan with Lydocaine – and finally dumped his body somewhere.

At one point, Jimmy Bond suspected Dr. Bromberg was the fugitive "Denver Doctor of Death," as seen on America's Most Wanted with John Walsh. Yet another doctor was also a recent arrival to the hospital: Belluci. After Jimmy tried to out Bromberg publicly as the fugitive murderer then learned from Yves Adele Harlow that Bromberg wasn't the killer, Jimmy injured his broken leg so badly that it required surgery again. Belluci, being the true 'Doctor of Death,' planned to kill him while he was under anesthesia.


Dr. Belluci watching Jimmy Bond slip into unconsciousness, as he threatens him.

However, Belluci's acts of having framed and killed Dr. Millikan before dumping his body were discovered, Yves Adele Harlow learning of this news. Belluci terrorized and taunted Jimmy Bond as he blacked out but the murderous doctor was later arrested and faced charges from two states. Belluci's story was relayed to Jimmy Bond, once he awoke, by Yves Adele Harlow, Richard Langly, Melvin Frohike and John Fitzgerald Byers. (TLG: "Diagnosis: Jimmy")

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