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National Naval Medical Center Bethesda (NNMC-Bethesda) in Bethesda, Maryland is the US Navy's primary medical treatment facility in the United States. It is incorrectly referred to as the Bethesda Naval Hospital.

Both Millennium and The X-Files use it as a location.

In The X-Files, it was used in the episodes:

  • Shadows: The corpses of the two terrorists were taken here for examination.
  • Lazarus: Following a shootout at the Maryland Marine Bank, FBI agent Jack Willis and bank-robber Warren James Dupre were taken here for treatment.
  • Dod Kalm: USN Lt. Richard Harper of the Destroyer-Escort USS Ardent was treated for accelerated ageing here. Later, Mulder and Scully were also treated for the same condition.

In Millennium, it was used in the episodes:

  • Owls: For the autopsy on Johnston

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