Howard Graves with Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton, pictured standing beside businessman Howard Graves.

Bill Clinton (born August 24, 1946) was the President of the United States from 1993 to 2001. During his presidency, accusations arose of simple things, such as Bill Clinton's haircut, costing over $150. (TXF: "Fearful Symmetry")

Tenure as US President Edit

Clinton was among the presidents who knew of the planned colonization of December 22, 2012. (TXF: "The Truth")

President Clinton had met HTG Industrial Technologies businessman Howard Graves sometime prior to his death in 1993. (TXF: "Shadows")

In 1995, a weapon was discharged at the White House, apparently an attempt to assassinate the President. (TXF: "Colony")

Shortly thereafter, Melvin Frohike joked that a satellite messaging system cost "almost as much as Bill Clinton's haircuts". (TXF: "Fearful Symmetry")

By 1996, the President released a public apology for secret radiation tests conducted on innocent citizens by the United States government in 1974. (TXF: "731")

In 1998, the President planned to visit Ireland in order to attend a series of peace talks there. Before he left, the President's visit was reported in an issue of Wisconsin's Daily Madison Monitor newspaper that was published in February, 1998. (MM: "Antipas")

Around the same year, a scandal erupted when it was discovered that the President had been involved in an eighteen-month extramarital affair, something which Mulder stated would "soon blow over". (TXF: "Drive", "Triangle")

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