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Bo Taylor (played by M.C. Gainey) was a worker for Galpex aboard the oil platform Orpheus in 2001. When Simon de la Cruz attempted to radio the mainland for rescue, Taylor killed him by emitting a radioactive pulse, burning all of de la Cruz's body. The incident prompted an unofficial investigation by the FBI due to Fox Mulder's belief that the Orpheus crew had been exposed to an alien virus. Mulder and John Doggett went out to the platform and Mulder's suspicions were proven correct. As with de la Cruz, Taylor and his crew mates attempted to kill the agents. Doggett was seized by Taylor and very nearly exposed to the black oil before Mulder saved him. Taylor was presumably killed when the platform exploded. (TXF: "Vienen")

Hosts Infected by Black Oil
Primitive human Kyle Sanford WWII Pilot Bernard Gauthier
Joan Gauthier Alex Krycek 2nd Customs Officer Dr. Sacks
Fox Mulder Auntie Janet Dmitri Marita Covarrubias
Stevie Richardson Danny T.C. Glenn
Sal Dana Scully Sandy Ed Dell
Bo Taylor Simon de la Cruz (immune) Yuri Volkov

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