Brenda Sally meets Jimmy while on the phone

Jimmy Bond meets Brenda Sally while she's on the phone.

Brenda Sally was one of the two campaign advisers to Senator Richard Jefferson


Brenda Sally and Busfield covered up the political messes of Senator Jefferson.  The scandal this time around, as it sounded like other incidents had occurred, was that Jefferson had fathered a child with one of his staffers, Barbara Bonabo. 

Bonabo had taken pills and died in a car crash so her and Busfield were now dealing with the child.  In an argument with Busfield overhead by Jimmy Bond, she expressed
Brenda Sally after Jimmy confronts them

Brenda Sally when she is confronted by the Lone Gunmen.

concern that the babysitter wasn't answering the phone.  Busfield assured her that everything was probably fine. 

When she and Busfield realized that Jimmy knew about the baby they tried to bribe him to keep quiet about it but they were surprised to see him tear up the check. 

As the Lone Gunmen continued their investigation, they came to believe that Brenda Sally was the person giving them inside information to help reveal the scandal of the Senator.  When they confronted her, she slapped Jimmy Bond in the face, blaming him for taking the baby.  She cared about the child and was angry with the Lone Gunmen for just abducting him from the apartment.  She showed that she was loyal to Senator Jefferson and it became clear that Busfield had been giving the Lone Gunmen information out of a hatred of Jefferson.  When Senator Jefferson realized this in the confrontation, he decided to go ahead and confess about the love child. 

Following the confession, Jefferson showed up to pick up his son from the Lone Gunmen.  Brenda Sally arrived soon after since she was still dedicated to the Senator, more so after he did the right thing. 

(TLG: Three Men and a Smoking Diaper)

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