Bucksnort was a small American town, state unknown, where the Millennium Group would send candidates who they felt were ready to learn more about the true nature of evil.

Just beyond the town limits of Bucksnort roamed a pack of supernatural, quite possibly demonic, dogs. Knowing this, the Old Man, the most senior member of the Millennium Group, resided in a small cabin on the outskirts of town. He would guide potential Group members, including Frank Black (MM: "Beware of the Dog") and Lara Means (MM: "Monster"), in understanding the dogs.

During Frank Black's trip to Bucksnort, the dogs had been going inside the town's borders after the sun went down. Frank concluded that it was due to Michael Beebe, a Los Angeles native who moved to Bucksnort to evade rising gang violence. By building a home on the dogs' territory, he was causing them to move beyond the forest that they called home. (MM: "Beware of the Dog")

Bucksnort was also where the Millennium Group buried many group members, with a cemetery adjacent to the Old Man's cabin. The Old Man that guided Frank and Lara was eventually buried there following his death at the hands of Odessa. (MM: "Roosters")


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