Jock Busfield on the phone

Busfield watching Jimmy Bond while on the phone.

Busfield was the campaign manager for Senator Jefferson.  He always managed to spin the scandals into victory or conceal them.

Involvement with the Lone Gunmen

During their investigation of Senator Jefferson's affair with a campaign worker, Jimmy Bond eavesdropped on Busfield and Brenda Sally as they argued in the bathroom about what to do about the baby since the babysitter wasn't checking in.  Busfield assured her everything was fine.

Later Busfield and Brenda Sally asked Jimmy Bond to help them lift up the unconscious and rather large Senator Jefferson.  Busfield and Brenda Sally tried to bribe Jimmy but he refused to deal with them.

When the Lone Gunmen finally confronted the Senator about the scandal privately, Busfield revealed himself as the confidential informant who had left the prescription number on their windshield.  It was this clue that led
Jock Busfield holding newspaper

"Jefferson's the man!"

the Lone Gunmen down a path to learn the scandal and reveal it to the public.  Busfield had wanted to break the Senator and abandon the candidate before his bedhopping and so forth doomed Busfield's career.  However, Busfield pointed out how invincible the Senator's reputation was given that Busfield himself had managed to twist the scandal into something that made the Senator look even better. 

(The Lone GunmenThree Men and a Smoking Diaper)


Name is unclear.  It is Busfield or Jock or maybe his name is Jock Busfield.  His name was never made clear since while Jefferson and Brenda Sally call him Jock, the script and imdb refers to him as Busfield. 

Played by Randy Becker.

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