Buzz Mihoe

Buzz Mihoe in 1998.

Buzz Mihoe was a man who, in 1998, wore a suit and guarded a hospital room where FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder had been taken, after having been shot in the head.

As Mulder was visited in his hospital room by the Lone Gunmen and Assistant Director Walter Skinner, Buzz Mihoe distractedly read a newspaper. After seeing three men leave Mulder's room (each of the other men wearing the clothes of one of the three Lone Gunmen), he walked to the door of the hospital room and looked inside, seeing a man, wearing a bandage on his head and lying in a hospital bed, as AD Skinner apparently talked on a phone while wandering towards the bed. Buzz Mihoe then stared in the direction the three men had gone and began to slowly walk after them. One of the threesome, having borrowed clothes from and swapped places with Byers, was actually Mulder but he managed to escape without being caught. (The X-Files Movie)

Buzz Mihoe was a cameo appearance by Josh McLaglen, first assistant director on The X-Files Movie.
The film's script refers to the character merely as "Man in a Suit" and he is not named in the film's fictional events, either. The character is referred to as "Buzz Mihoe" only in the film's closing credits.
In the movie's DVD audio commentary, Chris Carter comments, "The man who plays the government 'overlooker' in the hallway, a sort of ever-present shadowy government figure, is actually the assistant director on the picture, who we suited up, put a little earphone on him and he actually served quite well as our watchdog, keeping tabs on Mulder, who escapes through the help of these characters, the Lone Gunmen."