Cailin Ross (played by Carly McKillip) was a little girl that was kidnapped by John Lee Roche after being transported from Washington, D.C. to Boston by Fox Mulder. Roche met Ross on the airplane they were traveling on and Ross said it was her first flight. After Roche escaped from Mulder, Mulder realized that Roche would seek the little girl to relive his past crimes. Mulder led the police, along with Scully and Skinner to Revere, Massachusetts, where they found Ross and Roche. Roche held Ross at gunpoint and Mulder had her count to twenty while he spoke with Roche. By the time she reached twenty, Mulder shot Roche dead and Ross ran to Scully screaming. Other than being scared, Ross was fine. (TXF: "Paper Hearts")

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