Carl Wade (played by Michael Chieffo) was a repeated kidnapper of young girls in Oregon. In the 1970s, he kidnapped Lucy Householder, holding her hostage for five years until she escaped in 1978. Even though Lucy was free, she was deeply scarred and barely able to function in society. Wade worked as a photographer's assistant and participated in taking school pictures, which allowed him to locate targets. In 1995, he kidnapped Amy Jacobs. A bizarre psychic connection between Jacobs and Householder allowed Mulder and Scully to eventually discover Wade. While Wade was fleeing the FBI with Jacobs, they ran into a freezing river. Mulder stopped Wade at gunpoint, but Wade decided he needed to kill Jacobs rather than let her free. As he tried to drown her in the river, Mulder shot Wade dead. (TXF: "Oubliette")

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