Carol Strode was an old friend of John Fitzgerald Byers who came to the Lone Gunmen to help look into the homicide of her brother, Jeff Strode

Involvement with the Lone GunmenEdit

Carol Strode sought the help of the Lone Gunmen to look into her brother's homicide after she received an automatically sent e-mail from her deceased brother. This e-mail from Jeff Strode said if he is dead then he was murdered and the link below will tell who did it. However the link doesn't work since someone wiped the server. 

So the Lone Gunmen started from square one at the club where Carol's brother died.  Following the trail of clues, Carol Strode accompanied the Lone Gunmen the whole way until Russian mobsters captured her from the van while the Lone Gunmen were being detained by Assistant Director Walter Skinner. 

She was kept as hostage until the FBI sting sprung on Ara Frumin and his bodyguard freed her.  Carol Strode reconciled with her brother Jeff who hadn't been killed, merely hidden by the FBI.


Carol was transgender, previously known as Carl Strode, and was John Fitzgerald Byers' roommate in college. She became estranged from her brother when Jeff outed her as transgender, prior to her transition.(TLG: The Lying Game)

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