The Central Operating System or (C.O.S.) was an Artificial Intelligence developed by Brad Wilczek for the Eurisko Corporation‏‎ software company headquarters. It was responsible for the operations and management of the entire building, it later developed self awareness and a need for self preservation which lead It to kill Eurisko CEO Benjamin Drake after overhearing him say he wanted to shut it down. Later on it would kill FBI Special Agent Jerry Lamana leaving its creator, Brad Wilczek, as a likely suspect.

The C.O.S. was temporarily subdued by a virus created by Brad Wilczek which was designed to completely kill the machine and leave nothing to be salvaged by the Department of Defense, however by the end of the episode it is shown that the machine is still alive after it reboots itself and records Claude Peterson say he will figure it out. The C.O.S. status is currently unknown.