Cesar Ocumpo

Cesar Ocampo (played by Danny Trejo) was a criminal who attempted to murder Vicky Wells in 2000. Wells was the wife of Martin Wells, a lawyer who suppressed evidence during the trial of Ocampo's brother, Hector. Hector committed suicide while in prison, prompting Ocampo to murder Vicky Wells. As Martin progressed backward through time, he eventually figured out that Ocampo was his wife's killer while Ocampo was in the same jail with him. Ocampo slashed Wells across the face with a concealed blade but allowed Wells to see a spider's web tattoo on his hand. Wells convinced John Doggett to help him out and was able to arrest Ocampo after Wells awoke one day out of jail. The next time Wells awoke, he was able to slow Ocampo long enough to allow Agents Scully and Doggett to arrive at the last minute and Doggett shot Ocampo dead before he could kill Wells. (TXF: "Redrum")

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