Charles Goldstein (played by Mike Nussbaum) was a psychiatric doctor in Rhode Island who treated Fox Mulder with a procedure to induce long-forgotten memories. He also treated Amy and David Cassandra, who claimed to have been abducted by aliens. Mulder spoke with them and underwent the procedure himself, which revealed a disturbing development involving his mother, father, and the Cigarette Smoking Man. However, Mulder was discovered by Scully and found to be the prime suspect in the Cassandras' brutal double murder. Mulder was completely amnesiac concerning the events of the weekend leading to their deaths, but he was able to piece everything back together. He underwent the procedure a second time to learn more about his parents' connection to the CSM and perhaps more about the abduction of his sister. However, the intensity of the revelations pushed Mulder nearly to the brink of suicide, which was determined to be the cause of the Cassandras' deaths, who had used Mulder's pistol. Scully was able to help Mulder and save his life. Goldstein was taken into custody for such blatantly questionable medical practice.

Appearances Edit

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