Chief is a term used to describe someone at the top of their field, section, or area of study.

Chief could also be used in a friendly manner, such as "Whoa... Chief..." (TXF: "Theef")

A "chief suspect" is the primary suspect in a police investigation. (TXF: "Alone")

In 1952, Senator Joseph McCarthy and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover were described as the nation's "chief red hunters." (TXF: "Travelers")

Types of ChiefsEdit


  • Chief of Police, a police rank
  • Chief Petty Officer, a rank in the US Navy
  • Deputy Chief, a police rank
  • Division Chief, a rank in the FBI
  • Fire Chief, a fire department rank
  • Section Chief, a rank in the FBI
Ranks and Titles Within the FBI
Agent Chief Director
Special Agent Supervisory Special Agent ASAC/Special Agent in Charge Division Chief Section Chief Assistant Director Deputy Director Director

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