Mulder and Scully struggle to capture a dying man who can apparently bend others to his will and convince his victims to place themselves in extreme danger.

Summary Edit

From the book jacket
Suicide — or Murder?
A man who calls himself "Pusher" confesses to committing fourteen perfect murders — by making them all look like suicides. Pusher has too much specific crime scene information to be bluffing, but the question remains: how did he do it? FBI Special Agent Scully thinks the man is an egomaniac — and a liar. Her partner, Mulder, has a different explanation. He thinks that Pusher is a bizarre homicidal assassin who uses such powerful mind control that he can convince his victims to kill themselves. But without a scrap of evidence, there's only one way for Mulder to prove his theory. He has to go up against Pusher himself...

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Background Check Edit

Characters Edit

Fox Mulder
Dana Scully
Robert "Pusher" Modell
Assistant Director Walter Skinner
Agent Frank Burst
Agent Will Collins
Deputy Scott Kerber

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