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Curt Brunjes (played by Jonathan Whittaker) was a Brooklyn native who owned Brunjes Copy Shop on 1525 Avenue J. He was a rabid anti-Semite and published brochures blaming AIDS and other world problems on Jews. Brunjes believed that there existed a Jewish conspiracy to steal money from honest, hard-working people and they already ran the government. For that reason, he refused to speak with Mulder and Scully, who he believed to be agents of the Jewish conspiracy. Brunjes requested that Tony Oliver and Clinton Bascombe deal with his Jewish neighbor, Isaac Luria, but was shocked to learn that they murdered him. Nevertheless, he was not too distressed as he hated the man. Brunjez proudly displayed a Nazi flag in his basement where he printed his brochures until his death by strangling at the hands of a golem.

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