Doctor's Colleague

The Doctor's Colleague.

Doctor's Colleague passes Dana Scully

The Doctor's Colleague passes Scully in a corridor of Our Lady of Sorrows Hospital.

The Doctor's Colleague was a medical professional who worked at Our Lady of Sorrows Hospital in 2008.

During a conference at the hospital in that year, she reacted to Doctor Dana Scully suggesting the one possible treatment for patient Christian Fearon; intrathecal stem cell therapy. The Doctor's Colleague doubtfully asked Scully in disbelief whether she was serious and urged her not to "put the boy through hell." Although Scully asked her if she would subject Christian to the controversial treatment if he was her son, Father Ybarra interjected by reminding Scully that Christian was the son of neither woman and Scully soon left the room, nevertheless subsequently initiating a series of stem cell therapy treatments on Christian.

On a morning when Scully was due to perform another of the surgeries on Christian, Scully indirectly recalled her colleague's words by telling her partner, Fox Mulder, that she had "put that boy through hell". Later that morning, Scully's colleague passed her in a corridor (as Scully was on her way to see Christian) and aggressively eyeballed her.

The Doctor's Colleague was played by Christina D'Alimonte.
Although this character is credited as "Doctor's Colleague" in the film, Scully refers to her, in the film's novelization, as "Anna".