Double Deuce is a local country bar with a sauna and jacuzzi inside and a ski lift outside that leads up to the top of a very large mountain behind the bar. The bar is located in the town of Red Falls in Colorado and be seen in The X-Files: Resist or Serve video game. To reach the bar, you need a Gate Clicker to open the Double Deuce Gate, which blocks the parking lot for the bar. The place is crawling with zombies both inside and outside the bar so be ready for a fight if you go there. Inside the bar in the one of the sauna rooms, Mulder finds the remains of Ricky, Katlyn's boyfriend. His video camera is near by, which shows Katlyn making some porno film until Sheriff Bud Smith bursts in. Katlyn escapes, but Ricky's head is blasted of by Bud Smith's Shotgun . Mulder then leaves, wary of Bud Smith as he searchs for Katlyn or Mandy.


  • If Mulder examines one of the arcade games, it'll show high scores from some of the residents. The purpose of this arcade game is unknown.
  • If Mulder opens one of the sauna rooms, a male zombie in swim trunks will attack Mulder.
  • If Mulder shuts off the jacuzzi, two female zombies in bikinis will jump out and attack Mulder
  • In the male bathroom, if Mulder opens the stall, a male zombie in a biker attire who was trapped in the stall will attack Mulder.

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