E-com-con is the fictional computer company whose branding is similar to the Intel Inside branding by Intel Corporation the American multinational semiconductor chip maker.[1] They are the producers of the fictional Octium computer chip and other hardware and software products such as the eXtreme Operating System. They are most likely a fictional hybrid of Intel and Microsoft Corporations and emply over 14000 employees.[2] The series creators did originally host a website by Fox Entertainment Group for the fictional computer company at the address "" which has since been bought by a fan of the series and turned into a blog, but the original site is still available at "" as a cache of the site hosted by Fox television. The CEO of the company was at the time Dr. Daniel Pendrell a lecturer, businessman, presidential advisor, author and amateur hang-gliding champion.[3] Dr. Pendrell is the author of Machines and their Message (Iridium Press: 1992) and has also given a lecture Machines and their Message (Iridium Audio: 1991).

eXtreme Operating System

The X-OS: eXtreme Operating System is featured in the initial pilot episode as the computer that is optimized for the Octium computer chip.[4][5] Its parent company and creator is also known to "inflate its features and ignore bugs" and according to one of the shows cast who have hacked the website can and did crash his machine. The operating system also boasts that it will destroy Microsoft Windows.

XUI (eXtreme (tm) user interface), built on advanced microkernel architecture
Pre-emptive, pro-constructive, digitally-enhanced multitasking
Individually threaded, integrated QRT support via the H-Bomb (tm) digital streaming protocol
Watson 8.0 specialized multimedia search protocol
Spelunker (tm) native web browser
Exclusive Houdini (tm) DUN SSL ultra-secure file encryption

Octium Inside

The website hosted for the Octium IV chip is still hosted today in its original form at "" The slogan for the chip was "We do speed!" despite being an obvious play on the Pentium 4 processor and its vulnerabilities.[6] The Octium IV is also boasted as being able to run on both a PC and Mac.[7][8]

Ni-Cad Hydrogen (tm) enhanced, Ductless Cooling System (tm) (DCS)
88,368KB total system cache
6.8GB L2 cache and 98.5GB L3 cache, in addition to the 384MB L1 cache.
6.3 GHz frontside bus, expandable to a Level 7 gigaflop trans-converter
9000 parallel intensive specialized execution speed optimization units.
Seventy-level branch Nostradamus (tm) prediction algorithm
Full out-of-order and back-in-order execution
Up to ninety RISC866 instructions per clock
Multiport internal cache structure enabling simultaneous, bi-synchronous, 864-bit reads/writes of L1/L2 cache deployment modules

Pictures of the "Octium inside!" branding can be seen throughout various clips of the pilot episode where the opening scene starts with the Octium 4 keeping tabs on computer users which they want to obtain and write an article about, the Octium 4 is later used to break the encryption of the remote controlled jet airliner and stop it from crashing into the World Trade Center.[9][10] The second episode of the series brings the fictional computer company to the central plot involving a stolen Octium computer chip which they need to hunt down.[11]

Due to the timing of the series and real life events, the Octium 4 may actually be based on the Pentium 4 processor.

Biometric Detection Spheres

The E-com-con corporation was also producing a device which could detect human illness and automatically alert emergency services, the launch date is yet to be announced.[12]

Zero-Gravity Automobile Initiative

The E-com-con corporation was also producing an automobile which utilizes anti-gravity mechanisms, the project was founded in 2005.[13]

17-hours of "fly time" per complete charge.
500 ft. maximum attainable altitude.
300 mph top speed (0-60 in approx. 1.4 sec.). Ha!
Built-in Head-mounted Open-Velocity Engine Rotation/Correction and RevitalizationTM unit.
10000-disc CD changer.
Internal x-OS (extreme ("little x"TM) operating system)


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