Edward Skur
was a family man and veteran of WWII. In 1952 he worked for the state department, while being a suspected communist pursued by individuals working for the McCarthy Tribunal. FBI Agent Arthur Dales and his partner Hayes Michel arrested Skur at his home, only to be informed of his suicide right afterwards. Skur later turned up alive at his home and attacked Dales while he was sitting in his car and thinking of how to express his regret to Skur's wife. Dales was later forced to remove Skur's name from his report by a justice department prosecutor.

Skur was one of three test subjects, along with George Gissing and Terrill Oberman, implanted with a symbiotic organism. The procedure forced him to feed by having the organism, with the appearance of a spider, entering a victims mouth and feed by consuming all soft tissue and organs. The procedure had allegedly been performed on Skur by German scientists working for their new allied employers. The case became an X-file as part of covering it up. (TXF: "Travelers") Skur killed a German doctor and agent Michel out of vengeance. Unable to control the symbiots hunger, he killed his wife. Skur was apprehended by agent Dales and taken away by Bill Mulder. He was later released by Mulder who hoped that truth one day could be revealed. In 1990, he rented a house in Caledonia, Wisconsin, and was to be evicted by the local sheriff. The sheriff found another victim in his bathtub before Skur attacked him. He was shot and fell down the stairs. Before dying he kept saying Mulder's name.