Elderly Gent

The Elderly Gent was an elderly male receptionist who worked at MacLaren Natatorium. He kept a new sign-in register for every day.

In 2008, he was visited at work by a group from the FBI, including ASAC Dakota Whitney and Special Agent Drummy, as well as former Special Agent Fox Mulder. When ASAC Whitney announced that her team were hoping he could help them – while the group arrived – the Elderly Gent mistakenly thought the group all wanted lockers and asked Whitney if this was true. After she identified the group as being from the FBI and made their intentions clear – declaring that they would like to show him a photograph, if he didn't mind – he innocently asked, "Why would I mind?"

The Elderly Gent was then shown – by Agent Drummy – an image of Monica Bannan and began to think of the answer to Drummy asking if he was familiar with the pictured individual, commenting that young people like the girl in the photograph all looked very much alike. He revealed to Whitney, prompted by her questions, that he kept a sign-in register but had thrown away the register for the day before.

In response to a frustrated Mulder walking into the female changing rooms, the Elderly Gent politely but unsuccessfully tried to attract Mulder's attention and then asked Whitney and Drummy, in disbelief once Mulder was gone, if Mulder did not know he had entered the women's side of the changing rooms. (The X-Files: I Want to Believe)

The Elderly Gent was played by Roger Horchow.