Ellen Adderly (played by Michelle Joyner) was the wife of Phil Adderly and mother of their daughter. Unknown to herself, Adderly had a dissociative personality disorder that was able to manifest physically. Mulder was called in to investigate disappearance of her neighbor, Martha Crittendon, because of bizarre raven sightings seemingly connected to the crime. During the course of the investigation, during which Mulder stayed in the Adderly home, Mulder discovered that Ellen's husband had been having two affairs - one with Crittendon and one with Jenny Uphouse. Ellen was aware of her husband's infidelity, but denied herself any reaction to it to maintain the image of a perfect life. However, when Crittendon became pregnant, Ellen's other self killed her. Ellen first became aware that something about her was amiss when she discovered a stab wound in her shoulder that Jenny Uphouse inflicted while defending herself - futilely - against Adderly's other self. Mulder approached Adderly about this, but she promptly transformed again and tried to drown Mulder in a bathtub. However, Adderly was unable to comprehend seeing herself - there was a trail of broken mirrors wherever she went - and saw her own reflection in the water while trying to drown Mulder. Shocked at seeing herself, she transformed back and cowered in a corner while Mulder recovered himself. Adderly was then committed in a mental hospital. (TXF: "Chimera")

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