Emanuel Morales.

Emanuel Morales was a smuggler who worked for Leonardo Santavos. After several strange events at the docks – specifically, a person who seemed to be a blonde woman stealing his boat (this individual was actually Richard Langly) and Morales discovering Mariano Cuchillo tied up, even though he had been talking to him moments before – Morales was happy to deliver a specific object to Santavos. As Morales learned, this item was merely a CD. He was paid extra for these complications and sent on his way.

Cuchillo was sent to murder Morales, as one of the loose ends that needed to be tied up. The Lone Gunmen discovering Morales' body led them to realize the full extent of what was going on. A black cube with a skull symbol left by his body told them that Cuchillo was a member of an Argentine death squad and that he was the enforcer of Santavos, a powerful international smuggler. (TLG : "Tango de los Pistoleros")

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