Eric Hosteen was the grandson of Albert Hosteen. He lived on the same Navajo reservation as his family.

The BoxcarEdit

One day, Eric came across a strange body in a canyon, while out on his dirt-bike. He brought the body back home, and his grandfather told him to return it to where he had found it.

Later on, Dana Scully brought Fox Mulder to the reservation to recover from a gunshot wound. After Mulder recovered, he asked to be taken to the site where Eric had found the body. They investigated the site, and Mulder came across an old boxcar, stuffed with what were believed to be alien bodies. While Mulder was searching the boxcar, a soldier appeared, along with the Cigarette-Smoking Man. The men were unable to find Mulder, after which the CSM ordered them to destroy the boxcar.

The men returned Eric home, where they beat him and his family, asking where Mulder was; they refused to tell him. However, after the men left, the Hosteen family, along with other Navajo members, returned to the site, where they found Mulder. (TXF: "Anasazi")