The Eyeless were servants of The Entity.

Description and AbilitiesEdit

Eyeless' were hooded man, larger than most people. They apparently lacked eyes due to alien mutation, despite this, they could still easily find Mulder and Scully. The Eyeless servants attacked by three methods, they would slap Mulder and Scully, spit swarms of insects (possibly bees) and shoot blue fireballs that followed Mulder and Scully until they disapated. Luckily, he can't respawn the dead and use a "Darth Vader" move on you.


The Eyeless servants were encountered three time in the events of The X-Files: Resist or Serve. Mulder encounters one shortly after dealing with Alex Krycheck. Scully encounters one in the Sunken Chapel Basement of the Monastery, along with some Rats. She later encounters another in the Monastery Outer Sanctum.


The Eyeless servants can be easy or hard, depending on who you play as. Mulder fight with the eyeless is tougher than Scully's encounters with them. Mulder's encounter with an Eyeless is tougher because there's little room to fight him, and appears to be slightly stronger than the ones fought by Scully. Use the Shotgun on him. Scully's first encounter with the eyeless is easy as there's plenty of room, allowing you plenty of fighting space, requiring really only the Pistol, unless you wish to waste good Flamethrower, Shotgun or AK-47 Ammo which would be more useful for The Entity. The only thing you have to "worry" about is you'll encounter one or two Rats as well, which can be defeated by one kick or shot from any gun. The second encounter with Scully occurs in an even larger room, which makes boss battle even easier then the first time Scully encountered an Eyeless. Use same stratergy as the first encounter with Scully.


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