FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder was reassigned to the X-files in 1999, after a fire in his office had caused a temporary closure of the cases. (TXF: "One Son", "The End") Mulder continued to investigate the files alongside usual partner, Dana Scully, and both agents were assigned to operate under the guidance of sometime supervisor Assistant Director Walter Skinner, until Mulder's abduction in 2000. (TXF: "One Son" - "Requiem")



On his first case with Scully after they had been reassigned to the X-Files, Mulder went undercover as Rob Petrie and gave Scully the alias of Laura Petrie, his character's wife, in order to conduct an investigation within The Falls at Arcadia planned community. Though Mulder initially complained that the case was not an X-File, he later realized that it was as it involved a creature he referred to as a tulpa. After the creature attacked Gene Gogolak (who Mulder believed had willed the tulpa into existence), it started to pursue Mulder but crumbled into a mound of earth and refuse when Gogolak died due to his injuries. (TXF: "Arcadia")

Even though a poster proclaiming "I Want to Believe" displayed by Mulder on the X-files office wall had burned in the fire that destroyed the office, Mulder managed to obtain an identical poster from one of his on-line correspondents, Karin Berquist, after she died while involved in a case he was investigating. (TXF: "Alpha")

It was later but during the same stint on the X-files that Mulder finally learned the truth of his sister's fate. (TXF: "Closure")

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