Francis Pollidori

Dr. Francis Pollidori (played by John O'Hurley) was the scientist who created The Great Mutato. Pollidori believed was he permitted to engage in bizarre experimentation with genetics because he was able. In addition to The Great Mutato, he also created bizarre, disfigured flies.

The Shaineh Berkowitz ConflictEdit

Francis Pollodori Displays

Dr. Pollidori showing Mulder and Scully a mutated cell from The Great Mutato.

Mulder compared him with Dr. Victor Frankenstein while speaking with Scully, having met him after the bizarre pregnancy of Shaineh Berkowitz. The event led the agents to investigating The Great Mutato, and thus to Dr. Pollidori. Pollidori was married to Elizabeth Pollidori, who desperately wanted children even though her husband refused, preferring instead a Nobel Prize.

Francis Pollidori and Mob

Dr. Pollidori and the mob realizes that The Great Mutato is not a monster.

That changed when Elizabeth was impregnated by The Great Mutato. Furious at this, Pollidori sought out his estranged father, Old Man Pollidori, and murdered him. Pollidori then led a mob of townspeople armed with torches and pitchforks to find and kill the "monster." However, when faced with the mob, The Great Mutato told his sad story to the people, and they sympathized with him. Pollidori was outraged at this change in loyalties, but was promptly arrested for the murder of his father. (TXF: "The Post-Modern Prometheus")

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