Frank Burst was an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation who headed a task force to apprehend Robert Patrick Modell.

In 1994, Burst and his agents tracked Modell to a supermarket in Loudoun County, Virginia, and arrested him in the store, the result of an extensive investigation into a series of apparently self-inflicted deaths. Burst rode shotgun in the car of a county sheriff's deputy when the deputy, under Modell's influence, drove his car in front of a moving semi-truck. Burst was injured in the incident and Modell escaped.

Burst, aided by Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, subsequently tracked Modell to an area driving range. Burst's agents apprehended Modell after he induced Agent Will Collins to set himself on fire in an attempt to escape. Burst was outraged when, through a combination of Modell's abilities and the weakness of the government's case, Modell was released.

Burst continued the investigation, eventually leading to a raid on Modell's apartment. While the agents searched for evidence, Modell called his apartment and asked for Burst. When Burst, who was somewhat heavyset, answered the phone, Modell began to fill his head with images of grease and clogged arteries. Mulder and Scully attempted to get him off the phone but Burst ordered them off, sacrificing his own life to buy his people the time they needed to successfully complete a signal trace before succumbing to a fatal heart attack. (TXF: "Pusher")

Agent Frank Burst was played by Vic Polizos.

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