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The X-Files episode The-X-Files-2-32
Fresh Bones
Series: The X-Files
Original Airdate: February 3, 1995
Production Number: 2X15
Date(s): Unknown
Written by: Howard Gordon
Directed by: Rob Bowman
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"Die Hand Die Verletzt"

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"Fresh Bones" is the fifteenth episode of the second season of The X-Files.


After several murders occur within a Haitian refugee camp, Mulder and Scully are caught in the middle of a secret battle involving a Voodoo priest and the camp commander.



Fresh Bones Cemetary

A US Marine sits at breakfast with his wife, looking irritated and frightened. When his wife asks what's wrong, he says nothing, but when he looks down at his cereal he finds his bowl is full of maggots. He runs from the house to his car and speeds away. In the car, he looks into his rear view mirror and sees his face is decomposing. In his fear, he doesn't see a tree in his path.

Campbell and John Richter We are not who we are!

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Background InformationEdit

  • Near the end of the episode, when Colonel Wharton is in the cemetery he speaks an incantation in Creole (Haitian dialect of French). There are no subtitles, but it can be translated as, "To the Saints, To the moon, To the stars".
  • The symbol painted on the tree and on the conch shell is a "vévé," a sign belonging to the spirits honored in voodoo.
  • Katya Gardener appeared in the Pilot as Peggy O'Dell.


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Haiti; Folkstone; North Carolina; County Road 10; Marines; suicide; voodoo; maggots; Folkstone INS Processing Center; conch; sandbox; cemetery; morgue; brig; zombies; psychiatric infirmary; frogs; statue of liberty

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